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Never step foot in a dealership again!

We created Brian Carroll Automotive Group to eliminate the traditional hassles and barriers often faced with new vehicle ownership.  

We know your time is valuable! That's why we bring the purchase experience to your door, without the hassle and time-consuming need to visit a dealership!


We give you back time, save you money and effort while eliminating the stress often faced with researching, test-driving, and visiting multiple dealerships.


And, there is no cost to you!

Simply fill out the form below. We'll do all the rest! 

We hope you consider Brian Carroll Automotive Group as your new path to vehicle ownership.


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What We Do:

  • We operate as your virtual personal car shopper.

  • We do all the vehicle research through a proprietary database of vehicles matching your specific needs to find the perfect vehicle for you.

  • We interact with dealers so you don't have to.

  • We help negotiate the BEST deal. Our trusted relationships with area dealerships ensures a no-haggle experience. 


What You Do:

  • Submit as much detail about the type of vehicle, features, and price range you desire.

  • Review the vehicle reports we send to you and select the one you want to purchase or lease.

  • Schedule a time and location for us to deliver your vehicle.

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