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Consumer Reports’ 2019 Annual Auto Reliability Survey Is Out- What You Need to Know!

Results of Consumer Reports’ (CR) 2019 Annual Auto Reliability Survey were announced recently, and Brian Carroll Automotive Group has the results with info you should know to help when considering your next lease or purchase!

Consumer Reports’ Annual Auto Reliability Study indicates how well vehicles have held up and the odds that an owner could be inconvenienced by problems and repairs. A vehicle's reliability can seriously affect how satisfied you'll be with a vehicle over the years, and it can significantly influence resale value when you're ready to replace the vehicle.

The CR study is one of several data sources auto manufacturers use to measure customer satisfaction with its vehicles, including internal data, warranty results and J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability and Initial Quality studies. For consumers like you and me, these third-party surveys provide important and useful information for our next vehicle purchase consideration.

CR’s survey period for the 2019 study covers the past three model years, provided that the vehicle didn’t change significantly in that time. This year’s survey covers 30 brands – one more than 2018.

Overall, CR stated that reliability concerns with new and redesigned models caused brands—specifically Acura, Volkswagen and Audi—to fall in their rankings. Conversely, automakers that haven’t made significant changes in their product lineups—such as Dodge, Chrysler, Infiniti and Mini—made gains.

Highlights from the 2019 CR survey:

· Lexus, Mazda, and Toyota took the top three spots, respectively.

· Dodge made its first-ever appearance, with the publication crediting "few redesigns" as a reason. Another Fiat Chrysler brand, Chrysler, moved up seven spots to 19th place thanks to the Chrysler 300.

· General Motors earned five Recommended models: Buick Enclave and Encore, and Chevrolet Bolt, Equinox and Impala. Cadillac remained in 30th place — bottom of the rankings.

· Acura and Volkswagen took the biggest tumbles, each falling nine spots to near bottom of the rankings.

· Tesla moved up four spots to 23rd from last year but also takes home the honor of making the most unreliable vehicle surveyed, the Model X.

Again, the CR Reliability survey is just one of several industry metrics to research and consider when looking at your next car, truck, crossover, or sport-utility vehicle. We can help you navigate through all the third-party studies to determine the best vehicle for you.

To see all brand rankings, visit the Consumer Reports website.


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